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Not much as been going on. Ashley beat up the Sinister Sisters, which doesn't really suprise me to much. I don't even know why I was shocked in the first place. I heard Dylan and Natalie are going out. Congrats, and Sophie told me that Marnie keeps going on and on about me. Its kind of funny really. I found out that Natalie wants to bring Cassie home. I'm not totally sure why though. Natalie, care to explain? Anyways I'm off to go watch the parade thats happening soon. Anyone want to come?
Well me and Marnie are going not now. Its kind of werid still, because we known each other for a year or so. But's nice, and I hear Dylan did Magic and Sophie is getting better at being a witch. Which is good, I think Ashley wants to kill dad later, I don't blame her at all for it either. I think I'm the only one who can kinda keep my sister out of trouble. But I don't tell her what she can and can not do. I'm not her damn keeper.
Hey Ethan here, if you know me then cool but if not all you need to know is I'm a warlock. I don't really understand alot of the mortals though. I guess their just like us but without powers...just boring versions of magical creatures. Like the horses are just boring unicorns. Anyways I still don't see why they don't get witch's glass, its so much faster to talk to someone. Anyways next fall I've been accepted to Witch University, I just informed about that from my dad. I wonder if Cassie's going to Witch U? I'll call her on her Witch's Glass. Ok I'm off got to do Magical Creature's homework.



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