What can magic lead to?

More than you can possibly imagine

Ethan Dalloway
13 June
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Note: None of this is real. I am not Ethan Dalloway or Lucas Grabeel. Nor Do I have anything to do with Halloweentown or its sequals. This is strictly for roleplaying purposes over at hth_rp. If you wish to contact me personally try my personal journal at drama_chick07

Hey my name is Ethan Dalloway. I'm a warlock, and I went to a mortal school last year as a program. It was kind of cool, I joined a club called 'Drama Club' where they do plays. I don't really understand alot of the mortals though. I guess their just like us but without powers...just boring versions of magical creatures. Like the horses are just boring unicorns. Anyways I still don't see why they don't get witch's glass, its so much faster to talk to someone. Anyways next fall I've been accepted to Witch University. Well I'm all out of tricks...or am I?